Our History

In 1949, Bill and Lena Faye Kovener opened a small soft-serve ice cream store in Seymour, Indiana. While the tiny brick building has become well-known for its delicious ice cream, its history is much richer than its frozen treats. Owned by Lena Faye's parents, the store had its humble beginnings as a 3-pump Standard Oil Gasoline station. When the state road was relocated in the early 1930's, the station was converted into a convenient store selling bread, milk, and other goods to local residents. During this time Bill and Lena Faye were traveling the country, as Bill served with the Army Air Corps during the Second World War. Returning home, the couple took a risk and opened Kovener's Korner ice cream, one of Seymour's very first drive-in restaurants. The small brick building with its green roof, red brick, and yellow striped awning is easily passed by, but those whose curiosity has caused them to stop and visit have not left disappointed. Locally famous for their Chocolate Malt ice cream, a recipe that is still used today, Kovener's has become a summertime tradition for many Seymour residents young and old.